About Harmony Falls


Harmony Falls, Massage clinic has been part of the Woodstock, IL community since 1996. Harmony Falls is located at 304 W. Jackson Street in Woodstock, IL. Parking is available. Telephone 815-334-0842

Harmony Falls is a member of the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce and American Massage Therapy Association. The practitioners are nationally certified and Illinois state licensed.

We believe each person has the right to optimal health and wellness. Therapeutic massage and bodywork are a vital component to each person's wellness and health care plan. Harmony Falls was created to provide an opportunity for one to experience the best results from the health benefits of therapeutic massage and bodywork. Our goal is to provide you with a therapeutic, relaxing, peaceful and healing experience. ENJOY!

Many of our clients are here because of YOU! The greatest compliment that you can provide is referring our services to family and friends. Thank you.

The licensed massage therapists continue to pursue advanced education each year to expand their knowledge, skills, talents and certifications. Areas of continued education include ethics, Reiki, Ortho-Bionomy®, energy healing, myofascial release, Trigger point therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, geriatric therapy, Shiatsu, Thai massage, visceral manipulation, body mobilization, muscle energy technique, hot and cold stone therapy, pre/post natal and infant massage and neuromuscular therapy.

Please take time to discuss with each therapist about their diverse backgrounds and education. You are encouraged to work with each therapist.