Harmony of Kindness

More Oncology Massage and Lymphedema Care for more People

In my many years as a massage therapist, one of the great joys I have experienced is improving the life of someone who is living with cancer or has a history of cancer and/or lymphedema.

There are times when someone calls about massage therapy for themselves or another with cancer only to find that massage therapy isn’t covered by insurance or the fees exceed what their budget can afford. They give up receiving massage therapy for financial reasons. This is unfortunate in so many ways.

One of my goals is for everyone to be able to experience the many benefits of massage therapy. However, I too need to make a living.

For that very reason, a wise and perceptive massage therapist in Massachusetts, Megan Belanger, found a unique way to solve this dilemma. She modeled a plan at her massage therapy office after a Pay It Forward concept she learned about at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia, PA.

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, Megan, other massage therapists and numerous other businesses worldwide have embraced and implemented a Pay It Forward plan. It is with respectful gratitude that I am also providing a Pay It Forward plan at Harmony Falls, Ltd.

How the plan works:

The Harmony of Kindness” plan is simple. An Account has been set up exclusively for paying it forward through the generosity of others. This will offset or cover my professional fees and a person living with cancer, lymphedema or a history of cancer can receive an oncology massage and/or manual lymph drainage treatment with me at little or no cost.

Anyone can contribute. Any dollar amount is gratefully received.

The plan is for use by any person with cancer, lymphedema or a history of cancer at any appointment. Anyone can ask to use the funds toward an oncology massage and/or manual lymph drainage treatment session with Stacy.

Just let me know that you would like to use the “Harmony of Kindness” plan. No questions asked. You can use whatever amount towards the cost of a session and as often as you would like provided there are funds available.

The “Harmony of Kindness” board shows the total funds available along with note cards displaying various dollar amounts to use when redeeming.

How you can help? Contributions can be made at the office with check or cash, placing a check in the post or through our website via our “Harmony of Kindness” PayPal button.

Allocating $1, $5, or $10 dollars at your next massage or when you visit our website is gratefully appreciated.

Please consider making a contribution to the “Harmony of Kindness” plan.

Your generosity will help make another person’s life better in so many ways.