Trigger Point Massage

A trigger point is a small, tight area in the muscle fibers that restricts blood flow and causes pain and discomfort in other parts of the body. These 'knots' are tight enough to feel under the skin.
Trigger points form as a result of stress, repetitive or excessive muscle use, trauma or accident, structural imbalance, improper stretching, or no stretching prior to physical activity. When a muscle is overworked or injured, it constricts and knots form. Individual muscle fibers become tangled when they are overstimulated and unable to relax. This contraction decreases blood flow, resulting in a reduced supply of oxygen and the accumulation of metabolic waste. They can also result in referred pain, which is pain felt in other parts of the body.
A trigger point in the back, for example, may cause referred pain to the neck, which in turn may cause referred pain to the head- (common cause of migraines and headaches!)
To treat trigger points, the therapist will apply sustained pressure for a long enough period of time to deactivate the muscle spasm, release, and relax the muscle. Tight, constricted muscle areas are relieved, and pain is reduced. A single session of trigger point therapy can significantly reduce pain. This is one of the most effective me5thods for treating muscle pain and discomfort.

30 minutes - $50.00

60 minutes - $85.00

90 minutes - $125.00

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very clean ,very professinal,loved the pressure points to relive my pain.very friendly.
Ana Agase
May 25, 2021.
After weeks of sore muscles and a stiff neck I saw Victor for a trigger point massage. Victor was so knowledgeable and personable it made the whole experience that much better. I highly recommend Harmony Falls. I called looking to get relief quick and they had a busy schedule. The sweet receptionist took my name and number and said she would call if anything came up sooner. And she did just that!! Very rare to have someone follow through like that. I could clearly see this is a place where everyone gives you 100%. The whole experience was perfect and I felt amazing afterwards. I can't wait for my next appointment. Don't delay, call them today to schedule the best massage of your life!! You won't be disappointed.
Katy O
May 10, 2021.
That team has magic hands..! After retiring from tech I had serious knack and back issues, after just 2 visits I have full kneel mobility! Wow!
Uekl Snegmort
April 30, 2021.
Took my husband for a massage his first time and he loved it! I was well satisfied too we will be back soon ! Highly recommend estrella & Julie( might have the second girls name wrong )but anyway their staff was awesome they know what they are doing . Overall great experience
Janeth Ramirez
April 30, 2021.
I was in much need of a massage but I kept putting it off. I'm so happy this time. I had so many knots and Estrella's magic hands did the trick. I feel so much better. I know I'll sleep like a baby tonight. Drink lots of water. Thank you Harmony Falls and Estrella.
Elsa Claveria
April 23, 2021.
Nice facility, friendly staff and good massage. Very enjoyable.
Gigi Ala
April 21, 2021.
Harmony Falls consistently provides a professional, clean space for their clients.They offer a variety of massage therapies for any need. I always leave feeling so much better than when I arrived and the renewed feeling stays with me.
Toby Parker-Goad
April 11, 2021.
Buen lugar buena atencion y sobretodo muy buen trabajo me encanta
night queen
April 8, 2021.
First time here and my massage was a very relaxing experience. I have made my next appointment!
Bev Hodges
April 6, 2021.

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